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10 Rarest Silver Coins Ever Minted [List]

10 Rarest Silver Coins Ever Minted (Listicle)

Ever paused to ponder:

  • What are the world’s rarest silver coins?
  • What gives them their superstar status?

Silver coins might not grab headlines like their gold counterparts, but they’ve got a charm that’s uniquely theirs. 

And some are very hard to find.

So, whether you’re trying to level up your coin collection or just curious about the rarest silver coins, you’re in for a treat.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

10. 1853-O No Arrows Half Dollar

So, why’s this coin a big deal in the collecting world?

First, there aren’t many of these arrow-less beauties floating around. They had a limited run before the design update, making them the ultimate coin collector’s dream.

Add to that, over the years, some of these coins took a beating, got lost, or simply decided to vanish into thin air (or maybe into someone’s forgotten coin jar).

This makes the surviving ones even more special.

Now, here’s the fun backstory. 

In 1853, the U.S. Mint decided to shake things up a bit.

They jazzed up their silver coin design by adding tiny arrows next to the date. This was their cool way of signaling, they were trimming the weight a smidge. 

But, before they got all arrow-happy, the New Orleans Mint had already minted a handful of half dollars without these snazzy arrows.

So, the 1853-O No Arrows Half Dollar? Think of it as the limited-edition, pre-makeover version.

Plus, it’s not just about the rarity. 

This coin’s a blast from the past, showing off a time when the U.S. was playing around with its coin designs and weight standards.

It’s like holding a tiny piece of American money history right in the palm of your hand.

9. 1796 Draped Bust Quarter

This isn’t just any old quarter.

Imagine, way back in 1796, the U.S. Mint was just starting to get its groove on. And one of the first quarters they roll out? Yep, it was this one!

Sporting a swanky Draped Bust design on one side and a fierce-looking eagle stretching its wings on the other, it’s vintage America on a tiny, shiny disc.


Because it’s one of the early celebs of coinage, there aren’t heaps of them around. They made only a handful, to begin with. 

And let’s face it, over a couple of centuries, things got lost. Grandma’s attic, buried treasure – who knows? So, stumbling upon one of these in good shape is like finding a unicorn at the end of a rainbow. 

And if you get a chance to hold this coin, you’re literally touching a piece of the U.S. early days. Pretty cool.

8. 1873-CC Seated Liberty Dime

Now, let’s take a trip back in time to the era of the Wild West. 

Picture cowboys, saloons, and – of course – the sound of coins clinking in someone’s pocket. Among those coins? The rockstar we’re spotlighting today: the 1873-CC Seated Liberty Dime.

Made at the Carson City Mint (the one with the “CC” stamp), it has a classic design.

We’ve got Lady Liberty chilling on one side and a fancy wreath on the other, giving us a peek into the styles of the 1870s.

Similarly to other rare coins, this dime is hard to come by.

They didn’t make a ton of them, to begin with, and over the years, some got lost in the shuffle, damaged, or even melted down.

But what really makes this dime a collector’s dream is its backstory. 

This isn’t just a piece of metal; it’s a ticket to an exciting chapter in American history. It’s got tales of the Carson City Mint, the hustle and bustle of the Western expansion, and all the intrigue of the Wild West.

7. 1894-S Barber Dime

This little dime is another one of the rarest silver coins.

It was made at the San Francisco Mint. That’s when you’d hear stories about the California Gold Rush, sea lions at Pier 39, and maybe even some cable car adventures.

Design-wise, it’s classy, timeless, and very 1890s. 

The truth is…

There aren’t many of these dimes out there. Whether it’s because of some minting goof-ups, not many people wanting them back in the day, or some other mystery, only a handful were ever made.

Now, think of all the adventures a coin goes through. Some get lost on road trips, others get accidentally dropped into fountains, and some just vanish. 

So, the number of 1894-S Barber Dimes out there? Even tinier.

Just like other coins, this one is a link to the past, and many collectors out there know about it. So this time has quite the attention and demand.

6. 1827 Capped Bust Half Dollar

If coins had a VIP lounge, this one would definitely be on the guest list.

So, what’s so special about it?

Design-wise we have Liberty, all decked out with a starry cap and a flowy gown. That’s the showstopper on the front. Flip it over, and there’s this majestic eagle sporting a shield, looking all regal and stuff.

Again, similarly to other coins, there aren’t many of the 1827 Capped Bust Half Dollar around. It’d be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. 

Whether they’ve been lost on some adventurous journey, got a little too close to a flame, or simply got worn out from being passed around, these coins are now super scarce.

But it’s not just about being rare.

This coin is like a time capsule. The designs, and the vibes, take you back to the early 1800s. For anyone who loves history (and shiny things!), this coin is a treasure.

5. 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar

When talking about the rarest silver coins, the Flowing Hair Silver Dollar definitely would make the list.

For one, it’s one of the oldest ones you’ll find.

Design-wise, Liberty’s hair flowing like she’s in a shampoo commercial. That’s the vibe on one side of this coin.

Flip it over, and there’s a super regal eagle, chilling inside a wreath – classic and cool.

To be honest, they didn’t make many of these. 

Think of it as a limited edition vinyl record of the coin universe. So, what we have left is super, super rare.

But it’s not just a rare piece.

This coin is like holding a piece of America’s baby pictures. It’s one of the first coins the young U.S. made, which is a pretty big deal if you ask us.

4. 1921 Peace Silver Dollar (High Relief)

Let’s talk about the 1921 Peace Silver Dollar, specifically that High Relief variety.

This one’s got some tales to tell.

So, 1921 rolls around, and out pops this Dollar.

But this isn’t your average coin; it’s like the limited edition, vintage piece of the coin world.

On the front, Lady Liberty is looking radiant with sunbeams doing this cool dance behind her – a nod to hope and peace.

Flip to the back, and an eagle that looks like it should be on a rock album cover is just chilling there, clutching an olive branch. 

Now, the drama: 

This High Relief design was kind of high maintenance. Think of it as trying to press a complicated vinyl record; it took several goes to get that design perfect. 

Due to the challenges, they eventually had to tone down the design, which means only a few got that high-definition look.

So if you’ll find one, consider yourself one lucky collector!

3. 1870-S Seated Liberty Silver Dollar

With its deep historical roots and an aura of mystery, this coin is a bonafide superstar in the world of coin collecting.

Picture this:

It’s 1870. San Francisco. The Gold Rush vibes are still in the air, and the San Francisco Mint is busy churning out coins. 

Enter the Seated Liberty Silver Dollar of that year.

On one side, Liberty is chilling, seated like a queen, holding a shield that’s basically the 19th-century version of a “Do Not Disturb” sign.

On the flip side, an eagle is soaring majestically, wings outstretched, owning the sky.

Needless to say, only a handful of these dimes were ever made.

Maybe the Mint was low on silver, or perhaps they just wanted to create the ultimate collector’s item. Whatever the reason, this made the 1870-S Seated Liberty a rare gem from the get-go.

And this just amped up the rarity factor for this coin today.

For coin enthusiasts, this dollar is like finding the golden ticket.

It’s not just about its scarcity; it’s a relic that whispers tales of old San Francisco, of booming economies, and of a nation in transition.

2. 1895 Morgan Silver Dollar

The year is 1895.

Morgan Silver Dollars, named for their designer George T. Morgan, are all the rage. They’re beautiful, with Lady Liberty on one side, looking all regal, and an eagle soaring majestically on the other. 

Unfortunately, very few of these 1895 Morgan coins are known to exist. Unlike its siblings from other years, this coin decided to play hard to get.

Historians and collectors scratched their heads – Why weren’t they released into circulation? What made them so special? 

Records suggest that these coins were never meant for the average Joe. Instead, they were like VIP tickets, minted for special occasions or those in the know in the numismatic world.

Now, a coin that’s hard to find is like catnip for collectors. Add a dash of mystery, and you’ve got a full-blown obsession.

The allure of the 1895 Morgan lies in its shadows. The 1895 Morgan wasn’t just any coin; it was THE coin.

Its story wasn’t about its silver content or its design but about its elusive nature.

1. 1804 Draped Bust Silver Dollar

Now, for the rarest silver coin in the world: the 1804 Draped Bust Silver Dollar.

So, imagine it’s 1804. A silver dollar gets minted with this really elegant design.

On one side, there’s Liberty, looking all graceful with her hair all draped and stylish. Flip it over, and there’s this majestic heraldic eagle owns its space.


Even though the coin says 1804, most of them were made way later. 

What makes this coin even cooler is how rare it is.

They didn’t make many, and finding one today is like finding a needle in a haystack. In fact, there are only fifteen specimens that are currently known to exist.

And guess what? Most of these coins weren’t even made for folks like us to use.

They were VIP coins, crafted in the 1800s, just to give to the big shots overseas. That’s like the old-school version of a VIP backstage pass!

Now, if you’re into coins or even just love a good mystery, this one’s a head-turner.

It’s not just super rare, but in the coin world, it’s like the celebrity everyone’s talking about, often dubbed the “King of American Coins.”

The Rarest Silver Coins In the World


This is our list of the top 10 rarest silver coins ever minted.

Each of these are a portal to the past. From the impeccable craftsmanship that marked their era to the momentous events they witnessed – these coins are incredible.

Take the 1804 Draped Bust Silver Dollar, for instance. This isn’t just a coin; it’s an icon. Every time you look at it, it’s like being in the presence of numismatic royalty.

And then there’s the 1895 Morgan Silver Dollar, a very mysterious coin that many collector desire to own.


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Now, we’d like to hear from YOU:

  • Which of these rare silver coins grabbed your eye?
  • Anything else you’d like to add?

Share your thoughts and experience in the comments below!

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