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Why Is Gold More Valuable Than Platinum? [Answered]

Why Is Gold More Valuable Than Platinum?

Let’s face it:

Most people are aware that gold and platinum are precious, valuable metals.

But you may wonder, why is one often gets the crown over the other in the value department?

Today, we’ll cover the following:

  • Why is gold more valuable than platinum?
  • Just how rare are they?
  • Their many uses
  • The nitty-gritty of market value
  • And a whole lot more

By the end, you’ll be in the know, and you might just be the precious metal trivia champ at your next hangout.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Rarity and Availability

The truth is:

Both are kind of like the unicorns of the metal world – they’re rare. 

And you know how it goes, the harder something is to find, the more people want it, driving up its value.

Now, because there’s only so much of these shiny metals to go around, even a tiny hiccup in stuff like factory needs, the economy, or even some international drama can make their prices do the cha-cha. 

The rarer something is, the wilder its price can swing with the market’s mood swings. 

But how unique are they really?


Without a doubt, it’s the king of metals.

Now, while the earth’s got a lot of it hanging around, only a tiny bit is actually easy (or worth it) to mine.

Think about it like searching for that one special LEGO piece in a massive pile – it’s there, but good luck finding it without a lot of struggle.

History’s been wild with gold stories – think gold rushes and whole towns popping up overnight just because someone found a nugget.

Credit: Aussie Gold Hunters/Discovery Channel

Places like China, Australia, Russia, the U.S., and South Africa are the VIPs of the gold world. They’ve got the major digs. 

But here’s the kicker:

Even with all their mining powers combined, they can only produce so much gold each year, especially when you stack it up against other metals.

That’s part of why everyone’s still so head over heels for this shiny stuff. 


Is platinum more precious than gold? How rare is it?

You might find it shocking, but this precious metal is about 30 times rarer than gold.

Yup, you heard that right. 

So, while the yellow metal is rare and all, this shiny silver takes it up a notch (or thirty). This scarcity isn’t just some hype; it’s why industries are always vying for it.

It’s mostly South Africa and Russia taking the lead.

They are the biggest players in this game because they have the majority of the world’s platinum, but snagging it isn’t a walk in the park.

We’re talking deep, underground mines and a lot of hard graft.

So, it’s not just about having the stuff; getting to it is another challenge!

Industrial Applications

Now, let’s see how these two elements stack up against each other when it comes to their application on a larger scale.


Isn’t just hanging out in treasure chests and fancy jewelry. It’s got some serious side gigs that might surprise some of you.

  • Electronics & Technology

First up, gold’s all over our digital world.

Since it’s a killer at conducting electricity and doesn’t get all rusty, you can find it in a bunch of gadgets. 

Think about your smartphone, computer, or even those cool space gadgets – yup, this yellow metal’s making sure they’re all running smoothly.

  • Dentistry & Medicine 

Talk about old-school – it’s been chilling in people’s mouths for ages. 

Because it’s super friendly to our bodies and easy to shape, dentists love it for crowns and bridges. 

And hey, it doesn’t stop there.

Some folks in the medical field even use gold for treatments and fancy tools.


This is more than just a cool name for a music record or a fancy credit card. It has some serious uses too. 

  • Catalytic Converters

Ever wonder how cars keep from belching out nasty stuff into the air? 

Thank platinum for that.

It’s the star player in catalytic converters, which turn those icky car gases into something a bit friendlier for our lungs and the planet.

  • Chemistry Processing

Over in the chemical world, this precious metal is making big moves. 

It helps whip up stuff like fertilizers and other chemicals because it’s super stable and great at boosting reactions.

This being said…

Next time you think about gold and platinum, remember they’re doing much more than just looking pretty. They’re out there, working hard and making modern life possible.

Perception and Cultural Significance

Why is gold more valuable than platinum in this context?

To understand that, we need to look at how cultures from all over the world treasure these precious metals.


Do you know how everyone and their grandma seems to have an obsession with this yellow metal? 

It’s not just because it’s shiny.

It’s been the ultimate symbol of “Look at me, I’ve made it!” for eons. 

Think of it as the OG status symbol. 

For some it has a prophetic meaning – many people link its glowy shade to the sun. It stands for all the good stuff: life, power, and even foreverness (yeah, immortality).

Whether it’s the crowns of kings or your aunt’s giant hoop earrings, this precious metal’s been the go-to for flashing some style and wealth.

Even now, rocking gold on special days, or just hoarding it, is a thing across the world.


Now, this element is a different story.

It’s like that cool, mysterious new kid who showed up halfway through the school year. 

When the Spanish conquerors first stumbled upon it in the 1700s in South America, they thought it was the impure form of silver.

In fact, “platinum” means “little (or lesser) silver” in Spanish.


As we got to know it better, we realized it was playing in the big leagues.

It quickly became the “it” metal for the elite – a sign of being unique and ahead of the curve. Nowadays, when you see someone with a platinum ring, it’s not just about bling. 

It’s a shoutout to modern elegance and a love that’s built to last.

So, while yellow metal has a deep history, this shiny silver is carving out its own pretty cool niche.

From ancient treasures to modern romance, these metals aren’t just shiny things. They’re wrapped up in our stories, cultures, and hearts.

And which one is your fave – platinum or gold? (Share in the comments below.)


Investment and Financial Markets

These metals are more than just bling.

They also hold significant value in the financial markets. Some of you wonder, is it better to buy gold or platinum?

While we won’t be giving specific recommendations since we’re not financial advisors, we will, however, talk about how gold and platinum differ when it comes to their investment value.


Think of it as that trusty old blanket you reach for when things get stormy. It’s been a steady friend in rocky times, from economic roller coasters to geopolitical drama.

People see this metal as their shield against crazy inflation or when currencies start acting up.

When the world goes “Uh-oh!”, the demand for gold often zooms up, making its price tag pretty attractive.

And it’s not just people like us; even the big-shot central banks stash away this yellow metal. 


They know that even though there’s no formal tie of the currency to the gold standard anymore, the yellow metal still got their back.


On the other hand, this metal is like the edgy rockstar of the metal world. 

Sure, it’s precious, but it dances to its own beat.

Its value often swings based on its gigs in the car industry and other sectors, especially with its superstar role in catalytic converters. 

So, when the auto world is booming, platinum might be in the limelight.

But during tough economic times? Well, it might not always be your go-to financial comfort food like gold.

Sure you can ride the waves of industry trends and take on a different kind of risk, but when it comes to where you put your money, gold is often the classic choice for playing it safe and thinking long-term.

Speaking of which:

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Supply Chain and Mining

Understanding how our precious metals are extracted is essential to appreciate their true value.


Its journey starts deep in the earth and getting it out isn’t a walk in the park!

There are a few ways to mine gold today:

  • Open-Pit Mining

Imagine a big, open hole – that’s an open-pit mine. Miners dig these massive pits to reach the yellow metal near the surface.

  • Underground Mining

Sometimes, it goes way deeper, so miners need to go under the ground. It’s like a subterranean treasure hunt!

Places like South Africa, China, and Australia are like the gold hotspots of the world. They’ve got the good stuff in abundance, thanks to their unique geology.

But there’s a catch. 

Gold mining isn’t always kind to Mother Nature.

It can lead to deforestation, destroy habitats, and even pollute water. The chemicals used, like cyanide (yikes!), need careful handling.

That’s why many are pushing for more earth-friendly mining practices.


Platinum is rarer than gold, so it’s even trickier to extract.

Most of it comes from deep underground mines, especially in places like South Africa and Russia.

But with great rarity comes great responsibility.

Just like gold mining, digging for platinum can take a toll on the environment. There’s a lot of land disruption and water usage. Plus, the waste produced?

It’s got to be managed right to keep the planet happy.

So, the next time you see these metals, remember: they’ve been on quite the adventure, from deep in the earth to the market.

While they’re undeniably valuable, it’s up to us to ensure that their journey respects our environment.

Which Is More Valuable: Gold or Platinum? (The Verdict)


  • Is gold worth more than platinum?
  • And why is gold more valuable than platinum?

Even though the “little silver” has the whole “I’m super rare” card up its sleeve, the yellow metal has been the star of the show for a long, long time.

Think about it.

Ancient emperors, royal crowns, buried treasures – they all scream GOLD! It’s like the OG of precious metals.

While platinum is amazing in its own right, gold is a champ in the tech world, got a role in healthcare, and is considered to be a safe haven during economic upheavals.

When it comes to investments, a lot of folks choose to add a Precious Metals IRA to their portfolio to diversify with gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

As we’ve shared earlier, you can call Augusta Gold IRA company at 833-989-1952 to learn more. 

You can also grab their guide here and get a FREE GOLD coin when you open an account with them.

Over to you:

  • Do you think that gold is more precious than platinum?
  • Which one is best to invest in, in your opinion?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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